1-patternmasterPatternmaster is the culmination of a single goal and three partners - Larry Leutenegger, a master gunsmith and machinist; Mike See, a hunter and farmer; and Jerry Poe, a purchasing agent and business manager. Approximately 20 years ago, these three pioneers revolutionized the wing shooting world with U.S. Patent #5,452,535 and Patternmaster was born. The idea was simple enough - create a more effective shotgun pattern - and they did it with a relatively simple but brilliant idea. The Science of Shot is what we like to call it.

Until the introduction of the Patternmaster tube in 1993, chokes used constriction as a way of controlling patterns. Constriction works just like a funnel, which does a good job of tightening the shot pattern. However, also like in a funnel, the shot cannot exit the barrel at the same time, which significantly lengthens the shot string, sometimes as much as 20 feet!


As hunters we rarely use a shotgun to hunt something that's not moving. A moving target combined with a long shot string makes it difficult to consistently muster enough pellets to knock down a target for a clean kill.

We are Different!

What makes the Patternmaster patent such an effective* shotgun accessory for the hunter is the tighter shot string. A Patternmaster tube gives you a 2 to 3 foot shot string, compared to 15 to 20 feet from conventional tubes. The result is very simple; when you hit something you hit it with the maximum payload and energy. This means clean kills!

Patternmaster accomplishes this not by constriction but by the 5 studs cut out of the wall of our tubes. Where these studs are actually placed dictate the pattern each tube creates. Through about 20 years of research and develop we're pretty close to perfection. For a detailed explanation, see our videos located on our home page.

threeOptions for Patternmaster tubes include ported or unported and black or silver color. Porting (holes around the outside of the choke) is a matter of personal preference. Porting helps to reduce some recoil but it will be louder to shoot. Color is also up to the hunter.

All Patternmaster chokes are made of 17-4 stainless steel and are cryogenically treated. Black tubes are coated with oxide for easier concealment.

*Patternmaster tubes will not perform as stated when using ammunition with velocity faster than 1550 fps. Ammunition running faster than 1550 fps may by-pass the studs all together for a reduction in performance patterns.

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