Kicks Chokes

  • "Howler" Predator Chokes

1-kicksKick's Industries is proud to introduce the new "Howler" predator chokes.

  • The "Howler" is specifically designed for predator/coyote hunting.
  • The "Howler" will deliver very tight patterns at long distances. You can expect a 20" to 25" pattern at 40 yards.
  • "Howler" chokes are offered in two sizes. The "Howler H" is designed for the HeviShot "Dead Coyote" loads while the "Howler L" is designed to be used with either coated or non-coated lead buckshot, specifically #1 or #4 buckshot.
  • "Howler" chokes feature the Kick's extended/ported design and are manufactured in the USA using PH17-4 grade stainless steel with a blackened finish.
  • "Howler" chokes are currently available for most 12g shotguns.  Other gauges will be introduced soon.


  • "High Flyer" chokes

highflyerwithlogoDesigned for the serious wing shooter.

Whether you’re after distant geese, decoying ducks, a tight holding covey of quail, or a ringneck in a cornfield, Kicks has a "High Flyer" choke perfect for any hunting situation. Every "High Flyer" choke is designed to shoot lead, steel, tungsten, hevi-shot, or any non-toxic shot.

"High Flyer" chokes are offered in four sizes for 10 and 12ga. shotguns and 3 sizes for 20ga. Here are the basic recommendations for the "High Flyer" chokes.


  • "BuckKicker" Chokes

Designed to control (10,12 and 20 gauge) buckshot loads with more consistency than ever before. "BuckKicker"chokes are available in three constrictions to accommodate buckshot sizes from.000 to #4 buck. Chokes are manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and come with a matte-black finish.

"BuckKicker" chokes are available for most 10,12 and 20 gauge models. "BuckKicker" chokes can also be used for upland games whenever a full choke is desired. Not for use with steel shot. With the right match of choke to your gun, consistent patterns inside a 20" circle at 40 yards can be achieved.

  • Kicks "Vortex" Choke Tube

Available in 12ga. only at this time. Kicks has teamed with Federal Ammunition & the Duck Commander to offer the new Kicks "Vortex" choke tube, specifically designed to be used with Federal "Black Cloud" ammo. Kicks "Vortex" chokes are a culmination of months of engineering & pattern testing delivering dense, uniform patterns shooting "Black Cloud" ammo. "Vortex" chokes are available in Improved Cylinder, Modified, Full & XFull constrictions and are safe to use with any non-toxic shot. When 3 powerhouses in the waterfowl industry work together to bring you a product and Phil Robertson, the "Duck Commander" puts his signature on that product, you know it is the Real Deal! Federal "Black Cloud" ammo "Drops ducks like rain", Kicks "Vortex" choke tubes "Create the Perfect Storm"!
Order your Kicks "Vortex" chokes today!

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